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The value added by Italian know-how

SIMA&TECTUBI (owned by Malacalza Family) represents an Italian point of excellence in the design and production of auxiliary systems for rotating machines. The value it adds is the result of Italian know-how, highly specialized personnel, technical skills developed over more than 30 years in business, extensive research, an innovative approach to work, and the ability to operate in an international framework, as demonstrated by major projects completed worldwide. These are the credentials presented by SIMA&TECTUBI as a leading global competitor in its market.

Range of products and services includes:

  • Design and manufacture of skid-mounted systems for OIL&GAS including Lube Oil System, Seal Gas Panel;  
  • Design and manufacture of skid system for Power gen market as Lube Oil System, Control Oil System, power units for Wash water system, Cooling Water System, Fuel Gas & Fuel Oil system, Gas Cooling System, Lateral Skid Gas, Process Fluid Regulation, Seal Oil System, CO2 systems, NOx-skids, Utility gas systems,
  • For the Gas Treatment field the design and the manufacture of Filter and Separator Skid, Gas Heater System, Metering skid, Valve skid, Scrubber and Sludge Catchers;
  • Centrifugal Compressor Packages and Reciprocating Compressor Packages
  • Manufacture of pig launching/receiving traps for OIL&GAS pipelines.

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